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About Legacy

Our History

Legacy was founded as a result of Sten Morgan’s desire to deliver independent, straight-forward advice to his clients.

Sten and his three sisters were raised by a single mom, so from a young age, he experienced the burden and fears of financial hardship. With his unique perspective, Sten has dedicated his career to gaining the knowledge and experience necessary to help his clients exceed their financial goals and reduce financial stress.

Legacy is not just another financial planning firm. We are passionate about doing the right thing for our clients and helping them make wise financial decisions while avoiding financial pitfalls. We believe a team approach delivers the best results for our clients because each of our advisors and staff bring unique experience and strengths to the team. When you work with Legacy, you have access to a team of advisors, and not just one person.

How important is financial confidence and freedom to you? Do you want to leave your financial future up to chance? Spend the small amount of time necessary to call our team and learn more about how we can help. You will not regret it.