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Dustin Perkins

Dustin Perkins

Financial Services Executive

Spending the first 8 years of his career in the health insurance industry and watching others struggle to find affordable health care was a turning point in Dustin's life. It was then that he realized that he wanted to be in a role that could help others plan for their future and protect their loved ones.

Dustin thoroughly enjoys teaching and helping others understand their financial future by explaining it in terms they can understand. The unique partnership that he creates with his clients alleviates the stress associated with investing and finances, and he helps his clients focus on implementing a plan that is measurable, achievable, and purposeful. By helping remove this stress, Dustin believes you can focus on the important things in life that you are passionate about.

Dustin and his wife, Sweden, reside in Franklin, with their daughter, Hunter, and son, Nash. They attend Brentwood Baptist Church and are active in their small group. When Dustin isn't working, he enjoys hunting, triathlons, and traveling with his family.